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The OMCL Network's Mission

Its main goals are as follows:

  • mutual recognition, within the European Union, of tests carried out by Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCLs) at the national level;
  • improve communication among the OMCLs via a network, handbooks, and suitable Information Technology (IT) tools (e.g. databases);
  • coordinate activities among the OMCLs;
  • harmonise working methods within the Network by implementing and maintaining a quality management system referring to a commonly agreed standard, which includes an intensive proficiency testing programme and assessment of the system by peers' audits;
  • exchange information on work programmes to optimise the use of expertise, laboratory resources and analytical data available;
  • organise collaborative studies on the validation of methods;
  • facilitate knowledge and work sharing;
  • promote the future development of harmonised standards;
  • collaborate with relevant institutions within and beyond Europe; and
  • contribute to the establishment of reference substances and preparations.
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