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Secondments at the Council of Europe

Secondments to the Council of Europe of officials from international, national, regional and local administrations, as well as other persons sent by member States in accordance with their national legislation, entail advantages both for the Organisation and for member states, in particular through the cross-fertilisation of ideas between such administrations and the Council of Europe, the presence on a limited-term basis of expertise not available within the Secretariat, and the opportunity for such officials to learn in depth about the activities and functioning of the Council of Europe.


Any secondees must remain in paid employment in their international, national, regional or local administration, or be paid by the member State from which he/she is seconded throughout the period of secondment, and shall receive no salary and no social and medical cover from the Council of Europe. The seconded official shall however, be entitled throughout the period of secondment, to a displacement allowance and travel expenses (for further information refer to Article 23 of Committee of Ministers' Resolution Res(2012)2).


For more information, please read the Committee of Ministers Resolution CM/Res(2012)2 establishing Regulations for secondments to the Council of Europe


Important: Applications must be submitted to the member states’ Permanent Delegations, which will forward them to the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Human Resources.

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