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Medicines and the Internet

Certain practices related to medicines available via the internet may compromise the quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal products on the market. See paragraph 9 of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers' 'Resolution ResAP(2001)2 concerning the pharmacist’s role in the framework of health security'.

Taking also account of its study on 'Selling and advertising of medicines on the internet', the Committee  of Experts on Pharmaceutical Questions (P-SP-PH) provided the technical elements for the Committee of Ministers' ‘Resolution Res AP(2007) 2 on good practices for mail order trade in medicines which protect patient safety and the quality of the delivered medicine.  This resolution provides for the first time a harmonised approach and policy in this field.

The Committee of Experts, P-SP-PH, also developed a  user-oriented guide to help people to make safer choices amongst the information and offers available.

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