TOPICS : 08- PRODUCTS AND SERVICES (Publications, reference Standards, CombiStats) / 02- EDQM REFERENCE STANDARDS  / 02- Ordering EDQM Reference Standards? 

For information about how to order, the dispatch of your order and how to pay, please consult our PDF documents available on our website.

• 01. What Reference Standards does the EDQM supply?

• 02. How can I find out the price, handling, storage, shipping conditions and other information related to EDQM Reference Standards?

• 03. Can I access the ''Pharmaceutical Reference Standards Official Catalogue'' on-line or receive a copy by post?

• 04. How can I place an order?

• 05. How can I become an official distributor of EDQM Reference Standards?

• 06. Will I receive a copy of the invoice by post?

• 07. Do I require an import licence or must I provide special documentation to the EDQM with my order?

• 08. How can we obtain a Reference Standard mentioned in Pharmeuropa?

• 09. We used to order a Reference Standard from the EDQM, but it is no longer in the on-line catalogue. Can you provide it?

• 10. My question about ordering the EDQM Reference Standards is not in the FAQs - how can I contact the EDQM?

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