Sales Information on EDQM Events can be found in a number of documents available on the ‘EDQM Events’ webpage.

• 01. I can’t register online, may I send my registration form via the EDQM’s internet site?

• 02. Why should I create an account to register for an event at EDQM?

• 03. I have already registered for this conference. Can I make changes to my registration information?

• 04. How can I know whether there are any places still available?

• 05. Am I entitled to a reduced rate?

• 06. How can I be sure that the EDQM has received my registration?

• 07. Is there a registration deadline?

• 08. May I register at the venue?

• 09. What if I have to cancel my registration?

• 10. Do I have to make my own hotel reservation?

• 11. Can I be placed on a mailing list to obtain information on forthcoming events?

• 12. Can the conference materials provided at the conference be purchased?

• 13. I will arrive by car. Are there car-parking facilities at EDQM?

• 14. If I have not paid my registration fee, will I be allowed to attend the event?

• 15. My question about events is not in the FAQs, therefore I would like to contact the EDQM.

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