TOPICS : 09- EDQM ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS - TECHNICAL SUPPORT / 03- EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA USB VERSION (UP TO 9.2) / 01-General information / 04. I want to install my off-line version a third time.  

The off-line version is intended for installation onto 2 computers, or for use from the stick itself without installation. The license activation code you received by email is linked to the computer or stick by the registration key which is a unique code that belongs to the computer or stick. Users can generate a maximum of 2 license activation codes for installation. If one of your computers is no longer in use and you need to reinstall, and you have already used your two activation possibilities, you should contact our HelpDesk with the registration key of the computer that is no longer in use. After considering your case, we may authorise the creation of a new license activation code, after blocking the computer that is no longer in use from future installations.

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