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To send you your license activation code we need some important information which is obtained during the installation itself:

• EPID code (EPID-BB is to be used if you wish to run the application from the USB stick, EPID-BC is to be used if you are installing the application to your hard drive);

• "Registration ID", a unique number identifying your computer or your USB stick.
After having entered the requested information, you can either create your code yourself by choosing the option "Using your web browser on Internet" or you can select the fax option (this solution is slower). In both cases, you will receive an email with your license activation code.

Please note that you can perform the Internet registration from any computer by going to our registration website. You must correctly enter all the information which you have on the printed fax sheet in order to activate the product. As soon as you have received the email with the activation code, you can use it on the first computer or on your USB stick.

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