TOPICS : 09- EDQM ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS - TECHNICAL SUPPORT / 02- EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA USB VERSION (UP TO 9.2) / 01-General information / 01. Advantages of the off-line version. Technical requirements. 

With the off-line version you have permanent access to texts, even after they are no longer in force. (Please note however that due to constantly evolving computer systems, the print version is the surest archive version.)
An online archived version of previous editions and supplements is available to USB users with up-to-date subscriptions.

With the offline version you can:
• Run the application directly from any computer’s USB port with no installation;
• Install the application onto the hard drive of 2 computers.
Technical requirements:
• Windows 2000 and higher;
• Browsers: Chrome ≥ 40, Internet Explorer ≥ 9.0, Edge ≥ 20, Firefox ≥16.1;
• Use of the off-line version requires that cookies be permitted and pop-ups coming from to be allowed;
• Microsoft .NET Framework ≥2.0 or higher (for Windows 8 and 10 users, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Feature needs to be installed);
• RAM: 512MB.

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