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Advantages of the online version

- Accessibility: Quick and easy access to the supplements via Internet from the moment they become available (i.e. six months before their entry into force). Each subscription includes three supplements. The access expires when the last supplement in the Edition loses force. Renew your subscription early for continuous service.

- Back editions: Access to all previous editions via the Ph. Eur. Archives

License policy

One license grants access to two computers, but not simultaneously. Ten licenses grant access to twenty computers used by ten simultaneous users, and so on. Login by username and password, or by IP.

Technical requirements

• Internet access ((some offline functionalities available for tablets and smartphones);
• Operating systems:
        - Windows 2000 and higher
        - Macintosh and Linux on request;
        - Tablets and smart phones: Windows 7 and higher, iOS 5 and higher, Android 3 and higher
• Internet browser (see Compatibility guide)
• Javascript must be enabled in the Internet browser
• PDF Reader;
Safeview  (see Compatibility guide, not applicable for Tablets and smartphones);
• Use of the online version requires that cookies be permitted.

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