TOPICS : 02- QUALITY, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT  / 12. Should we use “sulf...” or “sulph...” for our substance in English?  

At its June 2009 meeting, the European Pharmacopoeia Commission has decided to apply IUPAC and WHO INN rules. Therefore the spelling “Sulfate” instead of “sulphate” will be used in the 7th edition of the European Pharmacopoeia.

This change has been made for consistency purposes only and will have no impact on the level of quality required for active substances or excipients to be used in medicinal products.

There will be a transition period, where the spelling could differ from the official European Pharmacopoeia name.
During this transition period name changes will occur:

• For Certificates of Suitability when new revisions or renewals are granted;
• For Reference Standards when new/replacement batches are released.

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