TOPICS : 08- PRODUCTS AND SERVICES (Publications, reference Standards, Combistats) / 02- EDQM REFERENCE STANDARDS  / 01- General information 

• 01. What is the intended use of EDQM Reference Standards?

• 02. Certificate of Analysis

• 03. How can I find out the Expiry date of an EDQM Reference Standard?

• 04. Where can I find the assigned content of a Chemical Reference Standard used in an assay?

• 05. Why could the reference standard label and the reference standard catalogue declare a different content than the leaflet?

• 06. How are sub-batches obtained and labelled?

• 07. Does the EDQM provide safety data sheets (SDS) for the standards it supplies?

• 08. Why is Safety Data Sheet/Statement (SDS) missing from the Reference Standard online database?

• 09. Could you please explain if drying conditions are required?

• 10. How is the unit quantity in a container calculated?

• 11. What are the storage conditions for EDQM Reference Standards?

• 12. How can I obtain the impurities listed in a monograph?

• 13. Can I use an in-house standard instead of a Ph. Eur. CRS?

• 14. How can I find a typical chromatogram of an EDQM Reference Standards?

• 15. My question about the purpose and use of an EDQM Reference Standard is not in the FAQs - how can I contact the EDQM?

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