• 01. Is the EDQM certified according to ISO standards?

• 02. Is the EDQM laboratory accredited according to ISO standards?

• 03. Does the EDQM provide safety data sheets (SDS) for the standards it supplies?

• 04. Why is Safety Data Sheet/Statement (SDS) missing from the Reference Standard online database?

• 05. What is the purpose of the leaflets available to download from the Online Reference Standards Database?

• 06. How can I comment on a leaflet?

• 07. Does the EDQM provide the quantitative composition of Ph. Eur. reference standards?

• 08. How can I submit my comments and/or suggestions on the SDS?

• 09. Does the EDQM provide Certificates of Analysis for Ph. Eur. reference standards?

• 10. Does the EDQM pre-register, register or apply for authorisation for its substances and preparations in accordance with the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006?

• 11. What is the EDQM position’s on hazardous substances?

• 12. Should we use “sulf...” or “sulph...” for our substance in English?

• 13. Can the EDQM provide the registration number of a CRS and BRP?

• 14. How can I submit my comments and/or suggestions to improve the quality of your service?

• 15. My question about the EDQM’s Quality, Safety & Environmental Management Systems is not in the FAQs, therefore I would like to contact the EDQM.

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