This section applies only to questions linked to the helpdesk and its use, and not to any other type of question.

• 01. How can I send a HelpDesk message?

• 02. I did not find a HelpDesk topic for my question. What can I do?

• 03. Has my HelpDesk message been received?

• 04. How can I read the reply to my HelpDesk message?

• 05. How can I access my message box?

• 06. When I click on the link to the Helpdesk, I get a 'page cannot be displayed' error. What can I do?

• 07. How can I provide feedback on HelpDesk functionalities?

• 08. I would like to contact EDQM about HelpDesk functionalities, but my item is not in the FAQs

• 09. I would like to report a problem with the EDQM website

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