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Falsified Medical Products & Similar crimes Publications

Open minds, free minds: Psycho-pedagogical concept guide for teachers

No easy prey for counterfeit medicines and similarly dangerous crimes

This booklet aims to inform, provide a concept for development and use interactive storytelling to support training and education in schools. The booklet which is in cartoon format, is intended as a resource for teachers, trainers or social workers to explain to young people the risks posed by counterfeit  and illegal medical products and encourage behaviours that will avoid exposure to them. The cartoons were developed by professionals to enable children and adolescents to have fun and learn preventive behaviours through cartoon games.

This publication is freely available in English and in French. Visit the dedicated EDQM Freepub webpage to download it or visit the EDQM Store to order a hard copy.

This publication is also available  in Portuguese and  Serbian.
In the same vein, here is another cartoon production proving very popular in Serbia, Lana Tafi, which addresses the problem of the falsification of medical products. It also includes elements from the ‘Open Minds, Free Minds’ guide towards the end of the document.


A strategic approach to assist states in protecting the health of their citizens

Author B. Wijnberg (2013)

Free publication Counterfeit medicinesThis publication includes a strategy to assist authority officials to revise legislation on medical products, public health and criminal law in order to protect public health.

A flow chart and practical checklist will help realise this goal as well as increase awareness on the role of appropriate structures, systems, procedures and powers. The strategy will help setting up networking between the public and the private sectors and other stakeholders committed to fight medicrime.

This publication is available in English and in French.


Counterfeit Medicines: Facts and practical advice

Coordinating author D. Di Giorgio (2011)

Facts and practical adviceThis publication, produced by Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and EDQM together with experts who daily confront the problem, is aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about counterfeiting of medicines which is often the object of unreliable information.

Root causes, types of counterfeit products, distribution paths, current legislation and the role of national and international institutions are examined through real case studies.

This publication is available only in English.


Counterfeit Medical Products & Similar Crimes: Risk communication

Coordinating author D. Di Giorgio (2011)

This publication discusses risk communication from the angles of both pharmaceutical and communication sciences.

It addresses individual risk perception and the development and evaluation of communication, such as awareness campaigns, alerts of incidents and information about the internet as a means to increase literacy and how to avoid internet-related criminality.

The proactive and reactive communication models are discussed using practical examples.  

This publication is available only in English.


The term "counterfeiting" as used in the Medicrime Convention is meant in its broadest sense of "falsification".

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