null NEW release: 7th edition Guide to the quality and safety of Organs for transplantation

EDQM Strasbourg, France 06/11/2018

The Organ Guide now in its 7th Edition supports professionals on a practical level to improve the rate of successful and safe organ transplantation.

The Organ Guide collates updated information to provide professionals with the most recent advances in the field, as well as technical guidance to ensure the safety and quality of human organs intended for transplantation.

In the new edition, all chapters have been thoroughly revised according to the state of the art, and new and important chapters have been added.

It is essential that all concerned – the professionals involved in identifying possible organ donors, co-ordinators managing the process of donation after death and that of living donation, professionals responsible for the allocation and clinical use of human organs, quality managers of the donation and transplantation  process and Health Authorities responsible for the oversight of donation and transplantation programmes – have easy access to this information.


The official version of the Organ Guide is available in book and online versions, in English.

The electronic version of the Organ Guide can be downloaded for free and the book version purchased at the EDQM Store

​​​​​​For more information, please visit the EDQM website.