24 July 2015

Position Paper on ‘Transplantation and Physical Activity’ released

The European Committee on Organ Transplantation (CD-P-TO) has released a position paper on ‘Transplantation and Physical Activity’. The paper highlights the importance and benefits of prescribing physical activity...

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01 June 2015

EDQM publishes Annual Report for the year 2014

The EDQM has just published its 2014 Annual Report. The report is an opportunity to review the different activities of the past year and reflect on what the EDQM accomplished and developed. In her foreword, EDQM Director, Dr Susanne...

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22 April 2015

Primary Immunodeficiencies Diseases (PI): adoption of a European Consensus aimed at providing enhanced access to Immunoglobulins Therapies (Ig)

The Council of Europe’s newly adopted Resolution on Principles concerning Human Normal Immunoglobulin Therapies for Immunodeficiency and...

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17 April 2015

Haemophilia Therapies: Towards An Optimised Organisation Of Care And Access To Treatment

Haemophilia is a genetic disorder in which a missing or defective clotting factor in the blood causes excessive bleeding. It is a chronic and complex disease that has serious and potentially...

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07 April 2015

Classification of Medicines - 2014 Edition of Resolution ResAP(2007)1 now available

Did you know that the classification of medicines, for example as over-the-counter or prescription only medicine, has implications on patient safety, accessibility of medicines and management of...

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02 April 2015
Walk against Organ Trafficking’: EDQM’s steering committee on Organ Transplantation takes the lead

On 24 March, the European Committee in charge of transplantation activities (CD-P-TO) initiated a ‘Walk against Organ Trafficking’ along the famous pilgrimage route El Camino de...

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22-23 September 2015

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Strasbourg, France

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