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Reference Standards Catalogue

The catalogue lists all the reference standards officially valid for the uses prescribed in the European Pharmacopoeia monographs. It gives a list of newly adopted standards, a Batch Validity Statement (BVS) for reference standards, Safety Data Sheets, and leaflets are available to download. It is updated daily in English only.


Terms of Supply and Instructions for Use

They are available in English and French.

Important information

In order to ensure that reference to the EDQM Reference Standards is correctly reported, the EDQM would like to remind users that they have an obligation to ensure that any reference made to an EDQM Reference Standard in any publication, presentation or public document (ex. scientific articles, data sheets for kits) bears the exact name, and catalogue code of the Reference Standard and the exact name and address of EDQM as given by the EDQM on the label or in the official leaflet.

Online Database

A list of new reference standards and new batches with the date of release is available. To read this list, simply click on 'New' when you enter the database.


 PhEur Reference standards database


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You can place an order for reference standards using an online order form. To submit an order to the EDQM online, please fill in the online order form and click 'Submit Order'.


Before you order

Please make sure all the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled out.

Also, remember to check the availability of the reference standards before ordering (see reference standards database above). This same form can be used to confirm a proforma invoice or quotation you received from the EDQM.

For more detailed instructions, please read How to order reference standards


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Latest news

31 July 2015

Leaflets and SDS

The EDQM is at the final stage of publishing leaflets for all Ph. Eur. Reference Standards in accordance with ISO Guide 34 principles and no longer only when referred to in the European Pharmacopoeia. The leaflets for hazardous chemicals now declare UNECE/GHS/CLP pictograms. CLP is not applicable to biologicals, herbals etc. See 'Safety management system' for more information.



Declaration End User for Drug Precursors


Some customers have an additional form to fill in to accompany each CRS order:


How to open sealed glass ampoules

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Safety Data Sheets

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