30 October 2014
Changes in titles to come for the 9th Edition PhEur

The European Pharmacopoeia released the latest version of its ‘Style Guide’ in August this year. In this Guide, its new policy regarding monograph titles for hydrates was announced. The word ‘anhydrous’ will be deleted from the...

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28 October 2014
New policy for testing for bacterial endotoxins

The Ph. Eur. provides the requirements for testing for bacterial endotoxins (BET). However during the elaboration of a monograph, it is not always known whether compliance with the BET is needed or not. In June 2014, the Ph. Eur....

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27 October 2014
Coming soon – New Standard Terms database

A new version of the EDQM’s Standard Terms database will soon be launched online, with access available free of charge upon registration.


The database has undergone a major revision and reorganisation, allowing greater flexibility in...

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27 August 2014

European Pharmacopoeia Enquiry – AIM and EDA in the Quality Control of Inhaled Drug Products

Deadline for feedback: 30 November

The Inhalanda Working Party of the European Pharmacopoeia is conducting an enquiry into Abbreviated Impactor Measurement (AIM) and Efficient Data...

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22 August 2014

List of texts adopted at the June 2014 session of the PhEur Commission

The new and revised texts will be published in Supplement 8.5 of the European Pharmacopoeia and implemented on 1 July 2015. Individual copies of texts will not be supplied.

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21 July 2014
The European Pharmacopeia Commission validates strategy regarding elemental impurities and upcoming ICH Q3D guideline

Following its last meeting in early June 2014, the ICH Steering Committee announced the plan to move their Guideline for elemental impurities (ICH Q3D), to Stage 4...

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