16 October 2014

50th Anniversary of the EDQM: Key outcomes from the international conference

Nearly 300 delegates and experts from 45 countries gathered in Strasbourg on 6-8 October 2014 to discuss current and future challenges to the quality of medicines.



In her address, Dr Susanne...

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08 October 2014

Certification Monthly Report of Activities

The last monthly activity report for the Certification of Substances Division (DCEP) is now available: September 2014 Certification Monthly Report

06 October 2014

WHO 4th International Meeting of World Pharmacopoeias

8-10 October 2014: The EDQM will host the World Health Organization’s fourth International Meeting of World Pharmacopoeias. The meeting will continue to explore how pharmacopoeial standards can be harmonised at a global...

3 October 2014

EDQM, 50 years of leadership in the quality of medicines: paving the way for the future

300 delegates and experts from more than 40 countries will participate in a conference on the quality of medicines. The conference “EDQM, 50 years of leadership in the quality of medicines:...

02 October 2014
EODD 2014: “Before it’s too late, declare your love”

Every year since 1996, European Organ Donation Day promotes the culture of organ donation and transplantation and honours donors and their families.

On 11th October, Italy will host its 16th edition with numerous events...

30 September 2014
Just published: Volume 19 of the Newsletter Transplant 2014

The EDQM, Council of Europe publishes a Newsletter Transplant, which gives international figures on organ, tissue and cell donation and transplantation. This work is co-ordinated by the Spanish National Transplant...

02 October 2014

New webpage for the Certification Division

A new webpage has just been launched under the Certification of suitability section of the website. This page includes all policy documents and guidelines of the Certification Division and aims at giving users better visibility of the...

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6-7 November 2014

CombiStats Training Session

Strasbourg, France

6-7 November 2014

Metals and alloys in contact with food

Ljubljana, Slovenia

18 November 2014

50th anniversary: Workshops for the media

Brussels, Belgium

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