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EDQM updates its guidelines on the quality and safety of tissues and cells for human application

06 September 2017
Strasbourg, France

The EDQM has published the 3rd Edition of its guidelines ensuring the quality and safety of tissues and cells for human application, be it for transplantation or clinical use (including insemination and fertilisation). This document is aimed at supporting healthcare and transplant professionals on a practical level and improving the rate of successful safe clinical use of tissues and cells.

The “Guide on the quality and safety of tissues and cells for human application”, provides professionals across Europe with an overview of the most recent advances in the field, as well as practical directions for ensuring that tissues and cells used to treat European patients are of the best quality and safety. In this 3rd Edition, all the chapters have been updated thoroughly and new chapters have been added to cover novel therapeutic approaches, most of which are still under development.

The information in it will be of support to all those professionals involved in identifying potential donors, transplant co-ordinators managing the process of donation after death, bone marrow and cord blood collection centres, tissue establishments processing and storing tissues and cells, testing laboratories, fertility clinics, organisations responsible for human application, inspectors auditing the establishments, and Health Authorities responsible for tissues and cells for human application.

The Guide is part of the initiatives of the Council of Europe’s Committee on Organ Transplantation (CD-P-TO) aimed at improving the rate of successful and safe clinical application of tissues and cells of human origin across Europe.


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