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EDQM Reference Standards


Knowledge is a searchable database of information on a given substance or general method of analysis.



Search through our continuously updated database for information on Ph.Eur. Reference Standards.




This database contains information on WHO International Standards for Antibiotics (ISA).


This database contains information on WHO International Chemical Reference Substances (ICRS).




Search our Certification database for information on Certificates of Suitability (CEPs) granted by the EDQM.


Database on the legal classification of medicines as regards their supply: conditions and details of prescription status.

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Latest news

Knowledge database: new version released

A new version of the Knowledge Database has been released: please read the instructions given under “How to read this table” immediately underneath the information displayed for the monograph. The new feature provides detailed information on work on-going either for a new monograph under elaboration or for a published monograph under revision with a view to being more transparent to our users. This will also allow Ph.Eur users to contribute to the work of the European Pharmacopoeia more easily.

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