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Organisation & Work Programme


The Steering Committee (CD-P-TS)

Its primary responsibilities, according to the terms of reference, are to:

  • examine questions related to human blood transfusion, with regards to quality and safety standards and their implementation, including collection, preparation, storage, distribution and appropriate use;
  • assist members states in improving, and if needed, in restructuring their blood transfusion services by promoting principles of voluntary non-remunerated donations;
  • define and promote the implementation of quality and safety standards in blood and blood components collection, storage, distribution and usage;
  • taking into account ethical aspects propose safety and quality standards on professional practices and on product specifications;
  • ensure the transfer of knowledge and expertise through training and networking;
  • monitor practices in Europe and assess epidemiological risks, in particular of the emergence of new transmissible diseases;
  • ensure the availability of rare blood products by means of the European Database and Bank of Frozen Blood of Rare Groups.

The Committee meets at least once a year for 2 days.


The Steering Committee is chaired byDr. Øystein Flesland and consists of 61 representatives (48 members and 13 observers).


Work Programme

The CD-P-TS has given priority to the following projects:

  • An expert working group consisting of members from Europe, Australia, New-Zealand and the US tasked with updating the Guide to the Preparation, Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components;
  • Setting-up a database listing information on frozen blood units available for international exchanges starting with a pilot phase in 2010/2011;
  • Recruitment of custodians for frozen blood units of rare groups in 2010 and 2011;
  • Online reporting from the Council of Europe's Member States on the collection, testing and use of blood and blood components since 2007.
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