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Blood Transfusion


The work of the Council of Europe in the blood transfusion area started in the 1950's. The relevant Committees are as follows:

  • the European Committee on Blood Transfusion (Steering Committee) (CD-P-TS); and

  • the Committee on Quality Assurance in Blood Transfusion Services (Expert Committee) (GTS).

These committees built the programme on blood transfusion around three major principles:

  1. the non-commercialisation of substances of human origin given on the basis of a voluntary and non-remunerated donation;

  2. mutual assistance, and

  3. the protection for both the donors and the recipients.



With these objectives in mind, the Council of Europe concentrates on: studying the ethical, legal and organisational aspects of blood transfusion with a view to ensuring quality, increasing availability, avoiding wastage, ensuring optimal use of blood supplies and analysing the possible ethical and organisational impact of new scientific developments.


Latest Publications



 NEW:  Guide to the Preparation, Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components - 18th Edition (2015)


NEW: Trends and Observations on the collection, testing and use of blood and blood components in Europe (2001-2011 Report)


Report symposium on blood management
Symposium on blood supply management, 1-2 October 2012 - Proceedings

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