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09 August 2013

The European Pharmacopoeia Commission adopts two new BRPs

Pancreas powder (lipase) BRS Batch 4 (Y0001631) and Pancreas powder (amylase) BRP Batch 4 (Y0001632)

The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) Commission has adopted two new Biological Reference Preparation (BRP) one for the assay of the lipolytic activity and another for the assay of the amylolytic activity according to the Ph. Eur. monograph 0350 (Pancreas powder). The two Reference Standards replace the Pancreas powder (amylase and lipase) BRP. The revised monograph 0350 will be published in the supplement 8.2. of the Ph. Eur. Meanwhile all required information are available in the leaflet and in the CRS database.

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