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22 January 2014

Resolution CM/Res(2013)56

on the development and optimisation of live kidney donation programmes

Even though many countries with established transplant programmes have improved their deceased donation rates over recent years, none can cover the true need for kidneys from this source, even after developing deceased donation to its maximum therapeutic potential.


If performed according to recognised international standards, live kidney donation is a safe procedure in terms of donor evaluation, selection and care. Therefore, Resolution CM/Res(2013)56 “on the development and optimisation of live kidney donation programmes” recommends that member states develop and optimise programmes for kidney donation from live donors based on recognised ethical and professional standards as a better way to pursue self-sufficiency in transplantation.


The development and optimisation of such programmes will increase the supply of kidneys for transplantation by optimising the utilisation of organs, ultimately improving the quality of life and life-expectancy of patients with end-stage kidney disease.


This resolution is supplemented by an Explanatory Memorandum.

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