04 April 2014

148th Session of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission

During its 148th session, the European Pharmacopoeia Commission adopted eight new monographs for inclusion in the European Pharmacopoeia, amongst them two active substances still under patent protection which were elaborated...

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03 March 2014
50thAnniversary International conference

On 6-8 October 2014, the EDQM is organising a landmark international conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Convention on the Elaboration of a European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), the 20th anniversary of the OMCL Network and the...

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03 March 2014

Knowledge database: new version released

A new version of the Knowledge Database has been released: please read the instructions given under “How to read this table” immediately underneath the information displayed for the monograph. The new feature provides detailed information...

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19 February 2014

Lamivudine monograph (2217): Change of title to Lamivudine, anhydrous

During its 147th session, the Ph. Eur. Commission decided to indicate clearly that the published monograph for Lamivudine (2217) applies only to the anhydrous form by amending the title of the monograph. The...

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28 January 2014

Outcome of the workshop - Joint EMA / EDQM workshop

on characterisation of new clotting factor concentrates (factor VIII and factor IX) with respect to potency assays used for labelling and testing of post-infusion samples

On 28-29 November 2013, the European Medicines Agency...

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28 February 2014

Pharmeuropa: Issue 26.1 is complete

Deadline for comments: 31 March 2014

Pharmeuropa contains draft pharmacopoeial texts for which the European Pharmacopoeia Commission is seeking comment. If you would like to receive e-mail alerts when an issue is complete, please register...

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6-8 October 2014
50th Anniversary Conference

EDQM, 50 years of leadership in the quality of medicines

Strasbourg, France

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