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16 October 2013

A very successful European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation (EODD) 2013

The EDQM would like to thank all of the followers and supporters of this year’s EODD online campaign and all of the people who spread messages celebrating the day through their social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Thunderclap.


The first Thunderclap for this event was a great success, with a social reach of over 100,000 people. This meant that on 12 October, 102,177 people were alerted to the need for more organ donors throughout Europe. This also drew attention to the celebration of the day itself and generated a number of re-tweets on the subject of organ donation, encouraging people to reflect on and talk about organ donation and letting their close ones know their wishes.


Amongst the supporters of the campaign were the Council of Europe, the European Medicines Agency, NHS Organ Donation, many esteemed transplantation experts and members of the general public, who helped make this campaign a success.


The four animated video clips, part of the EODD series, were also shared and viewed on YouTube over 3,000 times. These videos will remain online and will continue to spread the messages of EODD and organ donation.

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